Google Reader Alternatives

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I won’t get into the outrage and disgust I feel that Google Reader is being terminated, but when I heard the announcement, I started test driving a couple of alternatives.

First I tried Feedly for a month or two, which I liked OK, then I tried Bloglovin’.

Can I just say that I really wanted to hate Bloglovin’ simply because the name makes me want to do unspeakable things. The word ‘blog’ is bad enough, combined with a cutesy ‘lovin'”…..I was determined that this would NOT work out. I was feeling very judgmental and superficial about it. HOWEVER, I have to give them props that the interface is nice, you can comment directly from the reader, and all sorts of other fun stuff. I kind of dig Bloglovin’ …there. I said it.

Despite the wave of nausea that briefly passes if I must say the name (which I mostly, never do) it’s a good little program.

There are several other alternatives, but I found what I liked, and hope you can too.

To follow me there, go to Modfrugal on Bloglovin’