Playing Dress-Up

While I was building the A-Frame Living site, I realized how outdated the functionality was on my theme here. I know most people update every year to keep it jazzy, and…well, I haven’t. Mainly because I just wanted to keep it clean and simple, and I refused to use a theme with Comic Sans or Times New Roman.

I’m trying on a new outfit to see how it fits. Maybe this means things are going to get done around here?

Clicking though to any of the header menu pages will bring you to the old sidebar features like the Instagram feed, category pull down and search bar.

It feels like putting a lot of stuff into a drawer to keep the room neater – we’ll see how much I warm to it after using it for awhile. There’s a few things I’m still trying to decide if I can live with or not  (I’m looking at you beige).

Anyway, enjoy the long over due revamp.


Modfrugal New Look Fall 2013