Calder Conundrum

I scored this Alexander Calder print on one of my junking expeditions…but was disappointed in the lack of information available on the Calder Foundation website.  I knew that the original drawing was done at the same time he was performing his “Cirque” while living in Paris…but I needed to know more.

I remembered that Rago Arts, one of my favorite auction houses, has sold quite a bit of his work, so I headed over and found my piece right away!   Apparently a portfolio of 12 drawings were printed commercially in the 60’s…so I’m guessing that’s what I have.  No title, but at least a bit more info.  Now to figure out to clean it up a bit..I’d love to get rid of the water damage.  Back to research….

Here is a performance of his Circus…It’s really something.

Alexander Calder Performing His Cirque