Friday Flea

It felt so good to get out to the flea today…I’ve missed a few and there has been a gaping hole in my heart longing for an outdoor dig of dusty, musty treasures.



Kenny Loggins was the first thing my eyes landed on when I walked in.  I took this as a good sign that this might be a good day of junkin’.  He, who popularized the parachute prison jumpsuit as high fashion, stood as a beacon to all who entered.


This was only $2, and I should have dragged it home, but it was super rusty and I had visions of it sitting in my garage for 3 years waiting for the CC to pour a concrete top for it, like this….

Oh well, someone will do something fun with those legs I hope.

These stools looked new, but someone could tweak them a bit to give them that little sumtin’ sumtin’.



Some say Vintage Vultures, some say Lucky Buzzards.  THIS guy is exactly why I adore the flea.


The pair of Nelson headboards wasn’t going to last long, but I just don’t have room in the booth and I don’t need them…but aren’t they lovely?  This lighted bedside table is a piece I had never seen before.  If it hadn’t been packaged with the headboards I’d have snatched it up.


I grabbed my camera as I was rushing out the door and I had the zoom lens on…this proved very difficult in tight spaces, like here, where I couldn’t get far enough back to get a full shot.  I hate it when I do dumbass things like that.

So what did I get?

A bench,


…and a super groovy vintage lamp for the booth…the pale part of the base has a bulb in it so it glows when lit.


I also got these….


…two desk lamps and this nightstand.  I’m beside myself excited about this nightstand….check it…


American of Martinsville solid wood goodness needs some cleaning and refinishing, but she will GLEAM when she’s done…GLEAM I tell you.

A successful couple of days after the junkin’ drought of late.  Now to attend some social gatherings involving the required grills and beer to kick off a nice long weekend.  Have a great holiday everyone!