Progress + Igloo v. Acapulco

The new springlike weather has us trying to grab every dry and warm moment to spiffy up all the outdoor furniture.  I still have some more sandblasting to do, and some additional coats of paint on other pieces….but that’s what happens when every single piece you own is scavenged and worn.

I hope I don’t regret this, but I decided to hit my faux Salterini hoop chairs with a splash of orange.  All the other pieces are getting painted a dark bronze, and these needed something special.

Speaking of hoop chairs….On the copycat front….The new CB2 Igloo is certainly more affordable than those Acapulco chairs I’ve been wanting.  While certainly not as groovy, these could work.  Has anyone sat in them yet?  What’s the verdict?  No CB2 store in Nashvegas, so no test drive available for me.  $149 v. $400.