Five Finger Discount

Now before you go calling the cops on me….let me ‘splain.  My bud and I were out junkin’ and I brought her downtown to shop the mall where my booth is.  As we stood in booth 50, I told her how hard it was for me to put a certain owl in there.  I had wanted to keep it, of course, but I was resisting my inevitable morph into a crazy bird lady.

She told me I was nuts to sell it, and I, being of weak constitution, took that as all the encouragement I needed to steal it from MYSELF.  Within seconds, that baby was in my purse faster than you can say Winona Ryder.

You can see why I resorted to petty theft…no?  I had paid a hefty $10 for it at an estate sale.

To make you feel a little better, I also got this (another hard to photograph glass piece)..for $3.50.

It’s got a pale purplish hue on the edges with gold and silver speckles…and I SWEAR I paid for it.

Things have otherwise been very un-blogworthy around here, lots of cabinet and closet organization…cuz I know you’re dying to see me clean out under the kitchen sink.  I’m planning on getting back to the tour soon now that I can actually find some things around here.