Lottery Picks + Outrage

Oh my.  I never wanted Bertoias because of the ass waffling…but these could waffle my ass any time.  I saw a pair of these at my mall last year with the annoying “Not for Sale” sign on them….I’m sure I couldn’t have afforded them if they had been for sale…but man, these are SO cool.  Only $1495.00!

Mr. Metro Retro has come a long way….and a LOT more expensive.  He’s even on 1st Dibs now….no more deals to be had.  I think it may be over 3 years since I bought anything from him…he’s gone all Gucci on us.

He also has these fantabulous Ward Bennett chairs for the same magic price of…oh yeah, $1495.00!  Maybe I love them so much beacuse they remind me a little of my Wearstler couch lust. Listing is here.

Just because I’m outraged…and I want you to be too…I have to point out this bit of BS….

For only $1650, you can tell your buddies you got a beer garden set from Munich c. 1999.  Ooooh…antique!  You can get them here for $499 and several other places, with wood finish choices.  I hate it when people take the piss.