Ye Olde England-Part 2

So we decided to be road warriors again and drove down to Bath….

The weather was back to being predictably gloomy……


I’ve always loved this town for the architecture, but time was short, so we went strictly to get our Roman on…..

Oh, oops..not that….how about this?

So very much to see…but travel photos are BORING.  I’m trying to minimize your pain.  Let’s finish up with a little druid action…driving from Bath, we arrived 10 minutes before closing, so it was a hectic, yet hilarious end to a jam packed day.

We were kinda punchy at this point, running madly around the rocks, as the uniformed guides were attempting to herd us out.  “Closing time!” = Could you tiresome Yanks just please GO AWAY.

Next time I”m bringing my hooded cape….showtime!  They have no idea.