Futile Quest

wearstler 70's couch

So….ever since I saw the photos of Kelly Wearstler’s OTT Beverly Hills home, I’ve been trying to source her drawing room sofas.  Weeks of searching high and low.  All the Vogue article said was “Wearstler upholstered the seventies sofas in soft leather.”  Thanks guys.

Why am I so intent on sourcing the designer of these sofas….that’s a GREAT question.  In reality this is a lottery pick post.  Those sofas were probably outrageously expensive, even with stains and cigarette burns on them….and found only in Europe.  She’s furnishing a multi-million dollar estate….I’m, well…not.

In my unhealthy obsession with these, I have had a lot of fun amid the frustration.  Pouring over everything from old photos of Cini Boeri’s work (below) to today’s take on similar looks.

serpentone arflex cini boeri

Love this outdoor option…but at $100 a slice plus shipping…it can add up…

modular kar slice sofa opulent items

I saw this on Design Milk this week from Incorporated NY…of course,  no pricing.


…and don’t even get me going on De Sede…..

de sede sofa

So…who made those damn sofas???? Maybe it’s obvious to all design junkies but me…if you know…please share and put me out of my misery.

wearstler 70's couch 2

I love you blue sofa….

UPDATE: The Wearstler sofas are vintage Stendig purchased from PSModernway!