Catching Up and Slowing Down

Do I still have a blog? Somedays, I’m not so sure. Here’s what’s been happening via Instagram.

We had some dear old friends in town a couple of weeks ago, and we spent hours here until the candles all burned down…we miss them!

My Christmas Cactus bloomed in November!

I finished my ceramics class and am really looking forward to next semester. I have found a teacher I really like, and respect, and I am learning so much more than I did in my last class.

I found some sparkly shoes on überclearance I am now referring to as my Holiday Hooker Shoes.

Holiday decorating will begin this weekend, preceded by the bumping, tripping and cursing involved in getting the bins down from the attic.

Every year, it’s the same. I start off well. I picked up a few things this Summer and Fall, and I’ve been trying to get all my errands and shopping done so that I can be finished by this weekend and start wrapping.  But, it never seems to work out that way.

I lay out what we have for each child, and find some glaring hole of inequity that I somehow missed. To further complicate the gift equality spectrum, Thing One’s birthday is during the holidays. I get stressed and grumble about how lucky they are to have shoes and a roof over their heads….ungrateful….blah, blah….spoiled…blah blah…..and then my little inner rant is over and I get on with it.

We recently got one of these……

….and I am reminded how lucky I am to have this kid around to hate me when he gets sent to his room. While I am not religious at ALL, quite the opposite…it brings this to mind.

The message translates loud and clear to my godless soul. I’m working on a zen holiday season. When annoying things happen, I will remember the plate.

…..remember the plate……

Our first batch of holiday gift candy FAILED. The chocolate didn’t temper properly and is too soft and gets all over you. Tastes great, but we have to start over. I hope we have enough packaging supplies to cover the fail…..

….remember the plate….

Four miles from the car, this happened to Thing One’s bike. Stripped threads and no tools meant it wasn’t going back on, so the CC and I took turns pedaling back all four miles on one pedal. 

…..remember the plate……

See, I’ve had some opportunities to test out zen holiday 2012 already, and all is well.

I think this Santa needs to remember the plate too, poor guy.