While ogling the garden section in Lowe’s a few weeks ago, I happened across a little item that will be making our summer much groovier…the solar LED lightcube.

I always wanted a Toto, or those amazing Oluce glowing stones for the yard, and this combines both functions for $50 rather than $500.

The CC is quite cynical about ALL solar lighting. He was secretly thinking that I had just made a really stupid purchase. To look at it, you might agree and think it’s just a smallish white cube with no hope of doing anything.

It has a solar charger that plugs in underneath.

Charge it for a few hours, and when night falls….you punch the little button underneath and…..

…. IT WORKS! Such a nice bright glow from the LED…there is some light love afoot my friends. How do I know the CC has forgiven me, and might even approve of this purchase? He brought it up to the treehouse for our sleepover Saturday night. You worked your way into his solar hatin’ heart Mr. Cube, and I think we will all enjoy each other very much.

For those who prefer a more rotund lighting friend, might I suggest Ms. Sphere, or their cousin, Master Planter/ Ice Bucket.

Happy patio planning!