Op Art Quest

Ever since I saw Roger Sterling’s new office on this season of Mad Men, I’ve been hunting the artist of that fab piece of op art.  Then, when Freddy Rumsen joked about it, I figured the blogosphere would have it all figured out for me.  NO.  Surprisingly little response on the interwebs.  I have not found the same image, only similar ones.

Via Art Fully Yours

I only found one great post over at Art Fully Yours guessing it was Bridget Riley.  She likened it to her piece “Loss”….

I also thought of this piece….quite similar…

Bridget Riley, “Pause” 1964, ICA Boston Via BerkshireFineArts.com

I’m considering Edna Andrade as a contender as well……

Edna Andrade, “Color Motion” 1964 via Columbus Museum of Art

Edna Andrade, “Black Diamond” via arcadja.com

Feeling sick yet?

There are a few other time appropriate possibilities….but these two gals seem to be the front runners to me…if you know..PLEASE share and educate us all!