Metal Planters

With spring around the corner, it’s time to look for some budget planters.  DWR has the Gratia planters on sale, but I’m going to go one better.  Since the Gratia is made of bronze, it’s a bit pricey-especially when you need more than one.  The Gratia will weather beautifully and achieve a nice patina over time…if you want it to.  Below is the TJ Maxx version of a simple metal planter, not stellar quality at only $29…but nice simple lines at a nice price.  I like them as is, but if the plain metal is too cold a look for you and you want the weathered patina, consider applying a patina finish yourself on the planter. I’d use the same stuff I used for the stair rail – it is a liquid patina found in art stores.

March 29 UPDATE: Just saw that CB2 has now posted some as well ranging from $15-40.