Muy Importantes…y Impotentes

The CC and I stole away from the Things for a little alone time, and a belated milestone anniversary celebration.  The CC loves the beach and really wanted to go to one…but in October?  Not the best time to go beaching on a budget.  After much research and Shatnerizing our best price, we decided on a hurricane special in the Yucatan.  It’s raining now, so it’s living up to the hype, but it’s all good.

I always love a good foreign mag when traveling, and this Marie Claire México y América Latina did not disappoint.  I don’t speak Spanish…I Spanglish, er Manglish my through the markets with the accidental French word thrown in just to make sure no one knows what the hell I’m on about.  I hope that if they get too annoyed with me they’ll lower the price enough just to get rid of me.  That said…I can tell you everything about what’s news in Marie Claire land.

My expert translation of the sensacional article in here to you is – Latin American Males between the ages of 20 and 30 may, or may not be impotent, and may, or may not be having affairs.  They are also having too much sex, or not enough…

Estoy perdida, my friends…and stay thirsty.