Life in the Dollhouse

While perusing this post at Design Milk, (via this post at Inhabitots), I started to realize how incredibly unfair it was to parents that modern dollhouses are so ridiculously expensive.  The Modularean House featured on these posts isn’t even available to the public…so even if you’ve got the dough…no go.  The closest thing I found to the “not available” dollhouse was the “Villa Sibi“…for a mere $850.  Puh-leeze!

I’m obviously a design for the masses kinda gal, and this is a perfect example of modern design elitism that drives me nuts….and makes me determined to search for something similar for budding modernists without the Gucci pricetag.

Sadly, I came up with only a few well priced ones….at the bottom of the page…but I came to the conclusion that some of these designs are simple in form and would make an unbelievable DIY.  I’d like to make my own Farnsworth inspired house…just for me!  If this lady on AT can do it…why can’t we?  SHE has mini Jean Prouve chairs….wow.

Plan Toys and HaPe have come through the most.  They have some cute and creative options..(love the solar panels on the green house).  The Small Paul Julius is great simply because it’s not a unitasker…it’s also a stool!  I think the idea is catching on…but, as you can see from the pricing of the top ones…we’re not quite there yet.