To Do: Lattice Replacement

One of the items I listed on the To Do List is getting rid of that horrible lattice underneath the deck of our front entry.  We considered ripping it off right away, but the black hole that was underneath it actually looked worse…there are some unattractive parts of the stucco under there and it’s best to keep it tucked away.  Since we plan to use that area as additional storage for garage type items, we want to keep it enclosed with a door.

The look we’ll be going for is similar to the treehouse walls built over at a PreFab Project.  Very simple and easy to DIY, we’ll screen and add the stained strips as well as install a clear corrugated roof under the deck floor to keep water out.  Ideally, you’ll never see the roof…it will be a stealth roof.

photo by A PreFab Project

Much nicer look than this…no?

So with the hog panels as railings up top, and the slats as screening underneath, I think we may finally have a respectable entry…one day…soon I hope.