To Do List…2010 and Beyond

We are those people.  We have a thing I’ll call The annual list reconciliation.  Come January, in every house we’ve ever had, we pull out our To Do list and start marking off items accomplished throughout the year…it is sooooo satisfying.  The logical and higher functioning part of my brain edited the list on the computer one year, and it was SUCH a let down…no ceremony to it.  We gotta do it old school..print it out and mark off with a big fat pen.  We add new items throughout the year, but we never remove until January.  Yes, I warned you that we were dorks a looong time ago.  In keeping with that, I’ll have a new To Do List category this year so I can insanely point out all the flaws and problems that need attention.  So how’s the reconciled list looking for 2010 and beyond?  Here’s about an eighth of it:

Get wood steps built to front door

Remove lattice, re-frame deck and screen storage area under front door

Get outdoor lighting connected

Order fill dirt, topsoil, compost and gravel

Build back deck extension

Pantry area build out:  This is why there has never been a full on kitchen reveal, just small bits because this side of the room is unfinished.  I thought we’d have knocked it out by now, but we’ve been thwarted.  The last couple of trips planned to drive to IKEA fell through, so we have to pick up the cabs…AND remove the wall between the fridge and the pantry.  This is one of our most shameful and frustrating mistakes.  When demo-ing the kitchen, CC thought this was a load bearing wall and that it had to stay…turns out it isn’t, and to take it out means our hardwoods will have to be feathered in.  We considered just leaving it, but we think aesthetically, it will really bug us…not to mention the wasted space if we leave the wall there.

You can understand why we’ve been dragging our feet a little on this.  Living in a kitchen with sheetrock dust is still a very fresh memory for both of us and we’ve not been prioritizing it…but’s time.  We need to get this room truly finished once and for all.

Clean out/organize basement (this never leaves the list, as soon as it’s done, we have a whirlwind project that trashes it again.)

Paint trim in Kids’ rooms (still never got to that)

Stain thresholds in LR/Kitchen (new doors were installed AFTER the floors were done)

Reupholster Plycraft chair/ottoman (this has been on the list for 6-7 years)

Dimmer on kitchen sputnik

Hang Capiz chandelier/get wiring run in MB ceiling….the list goes on for pages….more later…..