Lottery Picks

I realized this weekend that it’s been over a year since I did a Lottery Picks post! For new readers, this is when I scour the hoity toity sites like 1st Dibs, and auction houses like Rago, and Wright 20 and pick what I love if money were no object. The funny thing is, if I ever did actually win the lottery, I still don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend $35k on a de Sede sofa..but it’s fun to play!

Because I try to be as efficient as possible, especially when avoiding doing our taxes, I have created a Lottery Picks board on my Pinterest. Here’s what’s happening there now…you can also click on the photo to be taken directly to the board.

My previous posts on Lottery Picks can be found here.

Fantasy shopping is fun…join me!

Gift Guide 2011

Just a quick pop in for you Black Friday shoppers…I’ve been adding to last year’s Gift Guide on my Pinterest and will continue to add to it for the next couple of weeks.  Some vintage, some handmade, some just plain old weird stuff.

Like last year, I’m trying to only pin things under $50 with the occasional splurge thrown in. I was going to delete all of last years gifts, but even if the ones I pinned are no longer available, they might be a springboard for ideas so I’ve left them up there.

Have a great holiday!