Dali High

“…may call you, any night, any day….”

OK, I’m really sorry. That was the lamest South Pacific reference evah, but I’m a little loopy today.

One of our stops during the fall break roadtrip was the Salavdor Dali exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  The Things were skeptical at first.  The Phillipe Halsman photos started to get their attention, and then they got excited.  They loved the optical illusion and 3-D pieces the best.

The look of wonder (and sometimes confusion) on their faces was absolutely priceless.  They couldn’t wait to tell the CC all about what they’d seen (while he was stuck in a meeting).  And I secretly feared they’d hate it!

Lincoln in Dali Vision really jazzed them, since both have studied Lincoln in school now. They would stand close, then stand away, and back and forth…

In the spirit of Los Dias de la Muerte, some Dali calaveras…

In Voluptas Mors 1951: Phillipe Halsman via Unnatural Eye

The Skull of Zubaran 1956

Yes, there’s some nudity.  They got over their initial embarrassment pretty quickly and started to look past it to see the bigger picture.  There was so much to see, far too much to discuss here.  My point:  If you live in the Southeast, it’s worth the trip.