Urchin Urges

Fetish alert.  Help me.  Birds, Fawns, Mushrooms, Urchins.  I really don’t want to know what these cravings mean, but I acknowledge-it’s not right.

But I’m not the only one.  We all admit to our long suffering love of vintage Jere sculptures -  previously admired here, but urchin-lovin’ is obviously not just my gig. Jonathan loved them enough to team up for their Jere/Adler re-issued urchins.

Jere/Adler  for $995

Plus KWID got on that train a few years back as well.

Wearstler’s are $2195 EACH

Then came Chiasso’s version.  Now we’re talking more of my kind of budget.

Chiasso’s are $188 for 3

How about this new West Elm number in wood?

$19-$34 each from West Elm

The new West Elm pendant is a winner too.  Asiatix made a tabletop version several years ago (2003?) for $300….then Z gallerie had a tabletop version for $149 last year, but both seem to be gone now. All versions made from bleached coconut…

$149 each for these coconut pendants

These lamps on Lacor’s website make me drool a bit on my keyboard… I bet they are pricey.

How about these babies…..Gold Leafed Sea Urchin Bowl

Yes, I can’t help myself.  First it was this one, now…Daniela de Marchi’s ring via Splash on the Net….want it.

One year at Christmas I made white urchins with skewers, a foam ball, spray mount and fake snow spray.  They don’t last but one round, but they were cool and festive.  Why am I crazypants for these things?