Sew Help Me….

If you can sew, and are one of my hundreds of lurkers…I implore you to speak up…I NEED your wisdom.

We are considering the purchase of a sewing machine that doesn’t break the bank, but is sturdy enough to handle outdoor upholstery fabric.  I’m ready to get some proper cushions made for the outdoor furniture and I’m too cheap to pay for that again.

I had cushions made for outdoor furniture at the last house and I was so disturbed by the expense that I swore I’d never do it again (well, unless the lottery comes in to play).  I used the least expensive upholsterer in town and it was still a king’s ransom….AND they have to be replaced every few years.  DIY time.

Many online suggest getting vintage machines…we used to have one of those Singers that came with the wooden platform/desk thingy.  Ugly as furniture + takes up a TON of room = after about a decade, we sold it.  Since all we ever used it for was sewing straight lines…it was great.  We’d like to advance to zippers and maybe button holes this time.

I’ve been cruising some of the sewing blogs, which intimidate me, I must say…I know nothing, really.

Maybe if I sport the nightvision goggles…I’ll be all sewing knowing?

Photo by Makezine blog