Looking Both Ways

Wow, it’s that time of year again. The blog will be THREE on Thursday…I can hardly believe that another year has passed and I’m still here! So many times, I think I’ll pack it in since the big renovations and projects have slowed, but then I get an e-mail, comment or tweet that makes me grin or cackle and I realize that I couldn’t give you guys up…not yet anyway!  We have two bathrooms to tackle and we’ll be doing it all by ourselves…it’s gonna be insane.  Who will I cry to when it all goes pear shaped?! Who will enjoy the flea excursions as much as I do?

Thanks for hanging out with me and being so supportive. When we moved here 3 1/2 years ago, I did not know a soul….(turns out I did, but I didn’t know it then!) and sharing the renovations online with my friends and family in different corners of the world made me feel a bit less lonely. Sorry, it’s late and I’m getting sappy on you.

That said, we are starting to feel more settled here and I’m now at a crossroads for how best to proceed. I closed the booth this year for many reasons, but mainly to lower overhead and to open up the ability to sell upholstered pieces. The lack of HVAC at the mall made it impossible to take upholstered furniture down there without it getting covered in railroad soot from the open bay doors. I’ve been teaching myself upholstery beyond the simple stuff I already knew, and I got a pneumatic staple gun for Christmas…whee! So what’s my next creative outlet?

Do I open an E-bay or Etsy store and deal with all the shipping hassles so a broader audience can buy my finds, or do I find another antique mall better suited to sell my wares? Decisions, decisions!

All I know is when I see a beat up piece of junk with good lines, I feel compelled to save it and there’s not enough room for all of my rescues.  Some people run animal rescues, I run a furniture rescue and I think my darlings are breeding in the basement since I can barely get through these days…and I need to clear a bigger area for my upholstery workspace. What advice do my readers have for me?  I’ll keep mulling things over as I start pulling together a round up for Thursday…you be thinking too, so we can discuss. Out with a pup shot.