Easter Tanager

Don’t worry, I have some exciting treehouse updates coming…but it must wait, for today, Easter Sunday, the Tanager returned.  Remember our old friend, who mercilessly wakes us at dawn and continues attacking the glass ALL DAY LONG?  The good looking one?

He’s back, and either he has brought home a new bride, or she decided to hear me out last year and this is her way of giving me the bird.  Pun totally intended.

The male and female are hanging out more closely this year, and have decided to take this terrorizing project on as a team.  That’s what happy loving couples do, right?  They sit together on a nearby branch and plan their strategy….

Then they swoop down….she seems to prefer the living room door handle….

..while he likes his usual spot…the back of the sofa.

….and it’s go time!

Young Love.  Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Season!



Joe Jackson – Happy Loving Couples by Pius35


Now that this is our second Spring in the house, we are anticipating certain harbingers of the season, such as fawns and owls.  However, one event we were HOPING was an isolated incident last year, is apparently an annual ritual.  I’m referring to the antics of one Summer Tanager.

Beautiful Bird…no?

Alas, not a quick learner.

He’s baaaack.  This handsome boy has some drive, I tell ya….starting at about 5:30 in the morning, and continuing ALL DAY until dark, he flies from window to window pecking the glass….OVER AND OVER.

Last year, I was quite worried he’d kill himself from a combination of impact and exhaustion.  I’d read somewhere that certain tricks like taping pictures of owls in the windows would deter them.  So I did that, I sprayed the glass with water, I tried several things…nothing stopped him except the workmen putting up the new siding.  Too many people I guess, he was gone.  This year, we just grind our teeth and mutter from our sleepy beds…Go away you STUPID bird…..not again…

I tried to save him from himself, but as long as he thinks his own reflection is the competition for that sexy chick in the forest…it will never end. I’ve tried talking to her out in the yard, and I TOLD her, if she’d just do it with him and make a nest then maybe we’d all get some sleep.  She hasn’t listened.  With no workmen on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how long this lasts….