Ye Olde Arrington

Did we go back to England?!  Nope.  Try the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.  There is a “castle” in the middle of the Tennessee countryside, just down the road from the Tractor Supply, (aren’t they all?) with a complete set up for the month long festival.  The Things and I decided we needed a little adventure over the holiday weekend, so we headed out to Arrington, TN to check out the fayre.

Sadly, we didn’t take the castle tour this year, so no snaps…that line was crazy long.

If you’ve never been to a Renaissance or Medieval Festival, you need to fix that.  Treat yourself.  The people watching alone is worth the price of the ticket.  Carnie GOLD.  The Things were captivated, and even a bit scared at times, but in the end we had a HUGE time.

When we saw this guy…all I could think of was this.  That song was stuck in my head ALL AFTERNOON.

The fairies/elves were everywhere…we were in love with the ears…..

I wouldn’t be a true patron of the festival if I didn’t partake in a little something…..maybe even something that might embarrass my kids?

Indeed, it is.

Turns out they LOVED it.  Gotta try harder next time.