Flea Market Friday

I know, I’m posting it on a Saturday, but I have my reasons. I’ve been running a bit behind schedule ever since my car started giving me attitude. Right as I hop in the car to go hook up with Kathy and Bri at the Flea, I discover that the battery is dead, so no flea for me! Luckily, After failed jumpings, towings and battery replacing, I was back in business by early afternoon so I made it in the end.  You’re welcome.

I saw Rae there and introduced myself, which is always weird because you feel like a stalker when you meet someone whose blog you read, but there it is!

OK, I’ll shut up now and let you preview the flea. It’s April, which is one of the biggest markets all year…both the Swine Barn and the Mule Shed were packed with vendors.


OK, we might have to discuss this one. It was rubbery and bizarre. It was in the same booth as this guy, so…. ’nuff said.

Kathy, I’m sure you saw these…but in case you didn’t…


I loved that dress.  I tried it on over my clothes and it was hard to tell if it would work or not without a mirror or anything. Kinda wishing I had gotten it anyway.

There was a vendor there who only comes once a year, and she had some of the most beautiful textiles.  Turkish woven rugs and suzanis….I wish she would come more often.

There was also a Japanese Maple vendor I hadn’t seen before…beautiful selection.

There were 11 of those chairs earlier in the day.

Did I get anything? Well, I did some shopping for others, which was my main goal, so I can’t reveal those yet just in case the recipients are reading.

However, I did decide I would join the millions who have owned and admired the most famous Chinese lady in the world. I KNOW, but I’ve always loved her, always wanted an old one…. and yesterday was my chance. This Vladimir Tretchikoff is The Chinese Girl aka The Green Lady. I loved reading about how the model and VT met up again 40 years later.


Her frame needs cleaning up, but I’ll get her back in shape and placed somewhere soon.  Have a great weekend!