Late Follow-Up + News

Sorry for the amount of time it has taken me to follow up on the Brimfield fail.…I won’t bore you with excuses.

So my take away after 6 hours of tramping up and down the market…..two, or four things depending on how you view pairs.

The orange enamel brass and wood candle holders and the turquoise color tile beads.  They were at least good value…$15 for the enamel pieces and $10 for the 2 strands of beads.  I think I might have spent more on lemonade that day, but I’m not sure…I drank a LOT of lemonade that day.

….and NO, I’m not getting all born again on you people with the cross beads.  I just liked them, and I thought the symmetry of the shape made it OK and not  “I’M A ROSARY!”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..just not what I’m going for here.

News?  I’ll be moving out of the Downtown Antique Mall at the end of August.  What will I do with my stuff?  Wellllll…there might be a little collaboration in the works for a Pop-Up/Mini Flea this fall, but details are not finalized.  Stay tuned…it will be fun and I think our local readers might be pleased with the plans….