Seeing as we’re a bit partial to treehouses, we were really excited to go and see the Treehouse exhibit at Cheekwood Botanic Gardens Thursday night. There was a competition held among local designers and architects, and the best seven submissions were chosen to be built. Each treehouse is designed to represent one great work of literature.

All of them are extremely well done, and they are a joy to visit. I had three that I gravitated to more than the others.  I’m betting you can guess which ones.

There is a full explanation of each work represented by each treehouse here.

First up is The Giver

Walden Treehouse

Conch House

The Rainbow Fish

The Jolly Roger

Up and Down Again, A Hobbit’s Tale

Ocean of Notions

If you are a local, or coming to the area…check it out. They will remain on the property until September 3rd 2012.