….I went to the flea market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds this weekend.  I’ve never seen SO many people there before…I guess with all the rain, everyone had cabin fever and decided to bundle up and head out.

globes at flea

vintage christmas at flea

I was toodling along, and just as I turned the corner past the mule barn…

mule barn at flea

I saw them….

the letters at flea

I loved them, but did I really need them?  I hadn’t seen everything yet, SO I kept walking…and found myself back in front of them 20 minutes later.  I walked on again to check out the last building I hadn’t been in….when I saw something SO rad…..

I was in love….driven to distraction.  The stag horn sheep I never knew I wanted.  What I didn’t want was the price.

I really couldn’t haggle since I was only willing to pay less than half that…can’t be a TOTAL ass….

SO…..I marched back over to the letters and decided that it was destiny they should still have an “s” and “o”, since I’m a blatant over-user of the word “SO”.  Haggled to $60, which was still too much…but, since I couldn’t have that stag horn…

Third time’s a charm.

UPDATE:  Thing Two thought it was “50”…. anticlimactic, no?