Horse Hoarding

Only upon reviewing the year, did I realize that 2012 was a bumper year for acquiring vintage art! Mostly large in scale. The horse over my bed, the wall hanging in the dining room, Chinese Girl in the bathroom and the Red Horse in the living room….except that I never told you about him, only here on instagram.

When I brought him home, I also learned that I might need a horse intervention. I don’t really understand how it happened, but it became apparent that I had been subconsciously horse-hoarding. I enjoyed riding at summer camp as a kid, but I was never one of those “horsey people”. What happened?! Look around my house and you’ll see, I’m not just the crazy bird lady, fawner of fawns, but now I’m prone to horse-hoarding. Let’s call it chronic equestrian assemblage, shall we? Sounds less creepy….or maybe not.

Exhibit A is the aforementioned red horse in all its textural yumminess.

red horse in living room

The girl at Pre to Post Modern told me that the peeps who do the sets for Nashville were really interested in it, and had taken several pictures. Maybe for the Juliette Barnes house I posted about when it first went on the market?! Sorry….you snooze, you lose.



Then, there’s the others……

Walasse Ting Blue Horse Poster in MB

modfrugal holiday 2012


marble horse bookends

more horses

Um, yeah.


Those following on other outlets got a sneak peek of this already.

As you know, I find cool stuff on Craigslist from time to time, but this weekend I found something with serious BLAMMO impact.

I’m sure this is going to be one of those love it or hate it things, but I’m loving.  Behold the new wall adornment in the bedroom.

$10 for a handsome sized framed Walasse Ting “Blue Horse” Poster. I found the exact same one selling online here:




I was all pleased and smug with my bargain, enjoying the splash of color, when Thing One said it creeped him out.  REALLY?!  Why?  It seemed a friendly horse….”NO.  It stares at you when it’s dark and you’re leaving the room.”

Who knew?!  Must I now call him the One Eyed Blue Menace?!?


“But the cobra that sits on the bedside table doesn’t bother you?”


Kids these days.