A-Frame Living

If you follow my Pinterest board of cabins, you might have noticed I have a thing about A-frames.

My fervor for the architecture is not fully understood, even to me, since they are a little quirky, with practical shortcomings such as limited storage, but I LOVE them. I mean, really kinda sorta totally have an unhealthy fascination with them.

I somehow (wine?) decided to turn this yearning into a passion project, because I don’t have enough unfinished projects around here to attend to. NOTHING BUT TIME PEOPLE. Despite the insanity of this venture at this time in my life, I felt a sense of obligation and urgency to help my little triangle friends. Most of them are in desperate need of some love and attention, and every time I see one languishing on the market, bank owned, I die a little inside.

I give you A-Frame Living.

A-Frame Living


All of the A-frames featured are for sale (or were at the time of posting). If you know of any for sale in your area, send them my way and I will share them, and hope that I can connect lovers of this architecture with the sellers.

I hope to have my own little ramshackle A-frame in the Rockies one day, but until that day comes, I will be content to see all these wonderful structures find their way to industrious visionaries who have the gumption to take them on.

Viva La A-Frame!!!

To visit the site, go HERE.