Glossy and Smooooooth Panton!

$175 from White on White
$175 from White on White

Verner Panton’s 1968 “S” chair is one of the more copied items in the knock-off underworld.  Problem with them was the texture.  All I ever saw was a piece of injection molded plastic with a grainy, nubby texture instead of the smooth, glossy look of the original (which had fiberglass coating).  Looks as though some retailers have finally gotten the look right.  Still stackable etc…but not $1400 each like the authentic re-issues…how about $175 each?  I talked with the guys at White on White to verify this latest version they just got in stock was indeed the smooth finish….it is!

Modern Dose is showing a special online for the S chair as buy one get one free for $265.  I couldn ‘t get anyone on the phone to verify it for me though! Modern Dose claims their chairs are a single piece of molded plastic and come in black, white and red, with both matte or glossy finish.  White’s are fiberglass in orange, green and white.  Personally, I think the White version will be the better chair, but I also feel obligated to share any other deals I know of out there.

Nelson’s Turbine Clock

If you love the series of clocks by the late, great George Nelson, you’ll also know that the cheapest one hovers at just under $400.00.  White on White in NYC have several of what I consider to be pretty good knock-offs at half the price.   You’ll see White on White mentioned here more than once as I’m a big fan.  If you’re not trying to curate an authentic mid-century showcase, just the look you can actually afford – these guys are a great resource. They carry furniture as well as accessories.