Yes.  That would be me.  My FB and Twitter followers knew this was coming.  I got an early present.

Are those the same chairs I moaned and pined for here?  Because I live in a smallish town, and there can’t be THAT many people with these hanging around…They are the very ones I saw at my mall that were not for sale.  Turns out, I met the awesome owner of these beauties who runs the vintage clothing section of the mall, and she’s downsizing. They are IKEA from 1986 designed by Niels Gammelgaard. Apparently he also did some moonlighting over at Fritz Hansen, Cappelini…NBD.

Now wait, you say…do you NEED any more chairs?

Why, that would be NO.

Where will you put them?

I don’t know, but I think they’d be great in front of the fireplace…take up less visual space, and if I powdercoat them white….(you roll eyes and stop listening)

So why buy them, you don’t need them and you don’t have a place for them?

This is where sensible people say..”you’re right.” and walk away.   NOT ME.

Because….look at them!  They are fabulous!  So much cooler than Bertoias, and I NEVER see them, and….and, I’m a chairaholic and I need help…but AFTER I buy these…K?

You walk away in disgust…rightly so.

I start singing.