Memba When…

…I brought these unloved tables home?  Then I did the lazy lacquer thing?

My gal Lauri Jones, who is the designer for Worlds Away, decided they would complement her 2011 line pretty well.  So guess what?

Behold the lots of lovely lacquer finishes…..

It’s kinda like the gal from the trailer park makes it big by getting her own Barbie doll.  That table does not have to sleep in her car anymore!  She’s going Hollywood..or actually New York Gift show, but whatevs.  You saw her here, before stardom…with no makeup.  I love a good Horatio Alger story.

Whip Out Your Tax ID

I’ve long wanted to post some items from Worlds Away, but didn’t because they sell to the trade only….but who says you don’t have a tax ID?  What the hell do I know?  Anyway, they are launching their new designs for the season and have just posted them here. Designer Lauri Jones has been introducing more MCM inspired pieces over the past few years and I, for one, am a fan.  Here’s my 2 picks as personal faves of the season.

$799 Wholesale
The Crosby - $799 Wholesale
$195 Wholesale
The Mondo - $195 Wholesale

If you are in the Memphis, TN area, you HAVE to go to their outlet…it’s a daunting, obscenely cluttered place…but it’s well worth the dig if you have the patience to see past 8 foot high shelves of casserole dishes. It’s open to the public (no tax ID required) and you can often score items with minor imperfections for less than the wholesale price.