Holiday Slices

It’s officially Holiday time…the boxes have come down from the attic.  No tree yet, but we’ll be ready when we bring it home.

I had commented over at Happy Mundane on his post about agate slice ornaments since I have made these in the past.  It got me thinking that I’d like to make some more to revamp my trusty, white feather tabletop tree this year.  Smaller in scale than the ones I made for the big tree, I got these pre-drilled in natural from Northern Stones on ebay.  12 for $22.

When I first made these, it was because I loved the ones I’d seen in the Viva Terra catalog a few years back.  The new ones from Crate and Barrel are far more reasonably priced – $20 for 4 instead of $42 for six.  That said, I still like doing my own…so I did..and did again.  I used wire cutters to snip through the fishing line since it will ruin a good pair of scissors.

I draped some strands of Kukui nut I use in my jewelry making to jazz up the bottom of the tree.  It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the light shines beautifully through the slices.  Despite having less natural light, I decided the tree needed to live against the black walls of the dining room.  It was getting lost against the white walls in the entry.

the xmas boxes

Trusty Martha Feather Tree

fishing line and agate slices

Old ones…and new ones.

agate ornaments, older ones and this years

tree with agate

agate in light

tree in DR

7 thoughts on “Holiday Slices

  1. nkp says:

    Very pretty. Nicely done. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’d love to come up with another use for these. Such a great deal! I remember them from Viva Terra as well.

  2. the brick house says:

    I saw that post at HM and fell in love with these agate ornaments. I’ve never done Christmas decor or even a tree but these bad boys might convert me. Simple DIY project too!

    Looks rad. Now I want a vintage aluminum tree to hang geodes all over.

  3. susie q says:

    Okay. You’ve blown me away. So sophisticated. Simply stunning. Love it!! And nkp, let this mull a while because it’s going to sound tacky at first. But imagine those slices as crystal replacements on the right chandelier. Could be pretty fabulous! Or, heck, just get a small ‘Hanukkah bush’ and give her a try!

  4. nkp says:

    Doesn’t sound tacky at all to me Suz! I love the visual. I actually have a huge turquoise vase on my bull table in the foyer. It’s currently filled with curly willow branches and peacock feathers. I’d love to suspend some of these from the willow. Are they very heavy? The branches are pretty flimsy.

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