Pantry Done!

This has been one of our more embarrassing renovations time-wise. It’s taken over 5 years to get this done, but it’s FINALLY off the list. To see all posts related to the pantry, click here. To recap in brief, we gutted and rebuilt our kitchen when we closed on the house 5 years ago, but … Continue reading “Pantry Done!”

Pantry Update: Roadblock

Wellllll, I was hoping to have a finished space to show you by now, but we are a bit hung up. Things were going SO well, ahead of schedule, we were killing it! Now? Notsomuch. Ah, such fools we are. I would think we’d have become bitter and jaded after the number of snags and … Continue reading “Pantry Update: Roadblock”

Pantry Update

I know this has been incredibly slow going, but the un-fun prep stuff takes awhile with little to nothing to show for it. BUT, that said, starting this weekend, things should start moving a little more quickly. We can’t install cabinets until the wall is up to code, with an outlet for every 4 feet … Continue reading “Pantry Update”

Pantry Update

We’ve made some changes to the pantry plan. Because I am very lucky to have talented and sensible friends, we have been saved from creating a “stuffed mastodon/hummer” in our kitchen. BEST ANALOGY EVER BTW. Angie Keesee-thank you! If you remember, the previous plan looked like this below. The empty end would be filled with … Continue reading “Pantry Update”


Yes. I have an unfinished kitchen. Only looongtime readers will remember my first admission of this problem. I’ll summarize for the rest of you. We gutted and redid the kitchen ourselves. For a detailed before and after of the kitchen, click here and here. We moved in just as the new hardwoods had been laid … Continue reading “Pantry”