Terrarium Revival

If you’re like me, you’ve always secretly longed for one of those vintage Tiara Casa Terrariums from the 60’s.  There’s a company called Do Plastic that is selling them on ebay and on their website retroterrariums.com.  They don’t have the light at the top like the vintage ones did , so I’m on the fence.  Priced at $150, I think there should be a light, but that’s just me.  You could always add your own-it’s still a groovy place to start your seeds indoors or have a year round garden. They should encourage customers to send in photos too since styling product photos is not their forte.  Despite my moaning-I still love them.

New Ikea Garden Chair

I am one of those who anxiously awaits the arrival of the summer tab in the departments menu of the Ikea website.  I long to see what new outdoor stuff they have going each year and I’ve picked this year’s fave, not because it’s the best looking, but because it’s got the best durability potential in my opinion.

The Vano, also available in green, is made with the same plastic rattan as some chairs I purchased from Ikea 5 years ago.  I’ve included a picture to show how well the material is holding up.  Froogs can’t just be content with a good price, it has to look good after more than one season.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, my choice is the Brommo. Reminds me of a more user-friendly Jorgen Hovelskov 1957 Harp chair or more closely the Poul Kjærholm 1951 PK 25.  Since I don’t have a covered porch, this is an indoor chair for my climate. I think it would weather quickly, but damn, it looks good for $60.  Foldable too.  If anyone has one of these I’d love to hear how’s it’s holding up.

Sunflower Power

Another day, another fun knock-off.  George Nelson’s Sunflower clock has been translated by those hipsters at Urban Outfitters into a fun little wall mirror.  Nice compromise for the price.  if the functioning clock part is still missing from your vision, pop out the mirror and install your own clock hardware to it.  Making your own “fauxflower” clock could shake off those last winter blues and bring a bit of mod spring inside.


Phillipe Starck’s Prince Aha stools for Kartell have been seen in mod outdoor rooms for quite a few years now….which makes them ripe for copycats. Not that they were outrageously priced to begin with, but hey, we all love a deal.  Measuring the exact same 17″ x 12″ is Chiasso’s Sally Stool.  Both have a grooved end and a smooth end. Go figure.

Metal Planters

With spring around the corner, it’s time to look for some budget planters.  DWR has the Gratia planters on sale, but I’m going to go one better.  Since the Gratia is made of bronze, it’s a bit pricey-especially when you need more than one.  The Gratia will weather beautifully and achieve a nice patina over time…if you want it to.  Below is the TJ Maxx version of a simple metal planter, not stellar quality at only $29…but nice simple lines at a nice price.  I like them as is, but if the plain metal is too cold a look for you and you want the weathered patina, consider applying a patina finish yourself on the planter. I’d use the same stuff I used for the stair rail – it is a liquid patina found in art stores.

March 29 UPDATE: Just saw that CB2 has now posted some as well ranging from $15-40.

Vintage Ice

I’m always on the prowl for good vintage anything and I just spotted a tres cool pendant/swag light on Metro Retro.  E-bayers will know this guy – he always has good stuff..although prices keep creeping up.  I’ve included 2 of the photos…there are more at the site.  The light is chrome and glass, although you could change out the chrome chain that dates it and make a new cord and ceiling cap for hard wiring.  It’s a great example of how to take a vintage piece and tweak it a bit with minor updates. For $299…you can have a conversation piece that is truly unique.  Since he only has one, if you like it, better go for it!