DIY X Wing Fighter with Fiber Optics

I had a post mostly written about the marbled wrapping paper and it is so very much the WRONG way to do it, and so finicky, it is a fail for sharing. I will do it properly when I get the right materials, but if I told anyone else how I did it and they tried and went through all the mess I did, they would hate me, so for everyone’s sanity – I can’t in good conscience post a DIY that is so flawed. It came out well because I was patient and stubborn, not because it is an easy technique.

The CC, on the other hand, has been a busy man with more translatable success.

DIY X wing fighters Modfrugal

This has been our dining room for the past few weeks as the CC went all out again this year for the annual ornament DIY for the Things. (See, I wasn’t lying about only one corner of my house being tidy.)


Behold the X Wing Fighter for 2014, that can fly around last year’s Death Star on the tree. For a complete (insanely complicated) tutorial on how he did it, go to his Instructable here.

DIY X Wing Fighter rear modfrugal

DIY Xwing Fighter Ornament Modfrugal

For past years’ nerdaments (DIY ornaments for nerdy families like us) click here.

DIY Death Star Ornament

It’s that time of year my friends! The CC makes his annual DIY ornament for the Things. This year, he’s really blown me away. LED Death Stars!!! He has created an Instructable here.

He won 1st prize for the “Make it Glow” Instructables competition for last year’s TARDIS (although we both thought the Dalek was better!) So maybe he’ll make the finals this year too – who knows!


CC's DIY Death Star on Instructables

CC's DIY Death Star on Instructables

CC's DIY Death Star on Instructables

TARDIS and Dalek

The CC made the kids TARDIS and Dalek ornaments this year. Dr. Who fans know what this means. I told you guys he went all out this year!!

If you want to see how he did it, head over to his Instructable for the TARDIS HERE, and the Dalek HERE.


Crafty Time: Holiday Projects Edition

We are geeky crafters. We are not ashamed of it…although, there was a period in our youth it seemed like a dirty secret…. 20 somethings with no kids who were home making things instead of..I dunno, doing whatever the hipsters were doing=Decidedly Not Cool. We got over it and decided to embrace the craftiness, since it typically yields things we like. Funny how that can happen.

I’ve rounded up a few projects from past years for your holiday pleasure.

Airplane and Helicopter Ornaments

Wood Veneer Ornaments

Every Year, The CC makes the kids an ornament, and every year, he frets about running out of ideas, but he always pulls it out in the end. Can I just say, he outdid himself this year and I can’t wait to show you. Dr. Who fans will enjoy them.

DIY Agate Slice Ornaments

agate in light

Heat embossed gift wrap

bag graphic detail

Map stenciled gift wrap


I mix up the decor every year. I like trying to find new ways to use my decorations each year to keep it fresh. I can’t imagine having to put everything in the same place, put together the same way, every year. Is that weird?

On a general decor note, most of this stuff, and the food gifts and projects just end up on Instagram, but a few had posts….might need to be better about that? Posts like this and this.

BTW, ditched Followgram now that Instagram finally has static pages for users, so the IG link above and in the sidebar will now take you to my page on Instagram instead of a 3rd party site.

The disco balls have been making our holidays sparkly for a couple of years now…


Bucky gets into the spirit.


Last year was the too wide taper caper for the brass deer….

And then there’s that damn elf. Don’t EVEN get me started.

I’m slowly getting this year’s vibe going…far from done, more to come!

CC Strikes Again

It’s the CC’s turn to wow you!

Every year, my Crafty Counterpart makes an ornament for the Things….(He shared a couple of his most popular designs here.) ..but he was stumped this year.  What to make?!

I showed him this post by superfabcrafters Derek and Lauren from The Curiosity Shoppe and Smarts and Crafts and suggested that we use some of the leftover veneer we had.  His eyes lit up and I knew he was ON IT.

Next thing I know, he’s calling me to bring the camera and start my clicking.  He knocked these out in a couple of hours.

We don’t have a drill press, so he used a leather punch for the holes.  We had some white oak and zebrawood.  He double sided the center piece, but left all the others as is.

Lined them up and sewed them up.

As you can see, one of the ornaments’ veneer gave under the pressure…no problem.  Just makes a different shape, and now we can tell them apart.

Take a bow babe….

More details will be posted later in the week on his Instructables page, but in the meantime, he can answer questions here in the comments.

Handmade Hubby

To give a little background….the Crafty Counterpart has been making an ornament for the Things every Christmas since they each arrived.  He has posted the 2 most popular on Instructables.  They will be entered into the contest, but voting isn’t until January.  I’ll hit you up for votes then!  Go babe!

Airplane from cigar tube Instructable found here.

Helicopter Instructable found here.