CC Strikes Again

It’s the CC’s turn to wow you!

Every year, my Crafty Counterpart makes an ornament for the Things….(He shared a couple of his most popular designs here.) ..but he was stumped this year.  What to make?!

I showed him this post by superfabcrafters Derek and Lauren from The Curiosity Shoppe and Smarts and Crafts and suggested that we use some of the leftover veneer we had.  His eyes lit up and I knew he was ON IT.

Next thing I know, he’s calling me to bring the camera and start my clicking.  He knocked these out in a couple of hours.

We don’t have a drill press, so he used a leather punch for the holes.  We had some white oak and zebrawood.  He double sided the center piece, but left all the others as is.

Lined them up and sewed them up.

As you can see, one of the ornaments’ veneer gave under the pressure…no problem.  Just makes a different shape, and now we can tell them apart.

Take a bow babe….

More details will be posted later in the week on his Instructables page, but in the meantime, he can answer questions here in the comments.