ModFruGal v. Tree Rats – Finale

I WIN.  Tree rats can eat it…or at least eat something other than my house from now on.

It only went about a month over schedule…mainly due to Nashville Electric’s inability to communicate within its own departments…but it’s done.  What a difference!

We are better insulated, tree rat free and looking a helluva lot better to boot.  The final guttering etc.. was done while I was away so it was exciting to come home to the finished project.  There is one tiny piece of guttering to be fixed and some scraps of metal to be dropped off, but that will take 10 minutes, so in my’s done.

Dale Portman and Barry Choate aka The Coupe did a really fantastic job and brought an awesome crew.  They understood what we were going for and did us proud.  They stayed on top of things, communicated everything clearly and that is hard to come by these days…Thanks guys!

Now that I have this nice siding…it’s time to paint the windows, foundation, garage door…find some affordable outdoor porch lights….get rid of that nasty lattice….rebuild/stain decking….start rolling change to save up for some serious landscaping..those old rotten steps are crumbling more and more every day…..phew….onward!