So I lied, this week’s posting has been light as well…mainly because I do, what I do best: bite off  more than I can chew in the project department.  It’s not that the projects don’t get done….I just consistently underestimate the number of surprises that crop up and bring the whole project to a screeching halt.  Most people would learn by now, but me?  Nah.  I must secretly like to disappoint myself.

EVERYTHING I have scored on Craigslist lately is a project, so my Crafty Counterpart is not too happy.   I’m cluttering up the garage with my “projects” so you can imagine.

I’m almost done with the coffee table…hopefully, I can post that baby soon.  Oh..and the pine straw…yeah, that’s coming too.  I know….I’m LAAAAAME.  Take a number.