Tour Chapter 4

Trying to get back on the tour this week…next up……Ye Olde Dining Room.

Plans for in here might involve removing the chair rail.  It is out of place with the architecture methinks.  No other room in the house has it.  I think the previous owners wanted to trad up this room for coziness.  I wanted to paint it black to hide it, but since I wanted the rest of the trim white, I thought that would look weird too.  I still love the matte black in here, but that rail is GOING.


So I lied, this week’s posting has been light as well…mainly because I do, what I do best: bite off  more than I can chew in the project department.  It’s not that the projects don’t get done….I just consistently underestimate the number of surprises that crop up and bring the whole project to a screeching halt.  Most people would learn by now, but me?  Nah.  I must secretly like to disappoint myself.

EVERYTHING I have scored on Craigslist lately is a project, so my Crafty Counterpart is not too happy.   I’m cluttering up the garage with my “projects” so you can imagine.

I’m almost done with the coffee table…hopefully, I can post that baby soon.  Oh..and the pine straw…yeah, that’s coming too.  I know….I’m LAAAAAME.  Take a number.