About a month or so ago, I found something I’d been hunting for since we moved in.  Our dining room has can lights, which are fine, but not exactly emitting the moody, groovy vibe I was hoping for.

I found them dusty and grimy in a vintage store, and one was wired with a plug instead of hardwired.  Luckily, that’s not a problem over here.  We decided to take the easy path since we can’t access the ceiling from above and bought 2 converter kits at Home Depot.  The one we bought isn’t online, but is similar to this one.

So while the CC was wiring up the cans, I got to polishing.  Luckily, the chrome was in pretty good shape, so no soda was required this time.

Of course, they HAVE to be on a dimmer.  A complete MUST.

There is one small problem.  I think they are too high.  Currently they hang at 36″ above the table.  I think this particular fixture calls for 28-30″.  Thoughts?

Nothing is happening right away, since I really just wanted to get them up before Thanksgiving, but if I have to change the length and rewire them, I’m thinking that I won’t replace the chain..maybe black cloth cord?  I’ll listen to your suggestions and mull it over before making any decisions, but for now, I’m super happy to have a little dramatic upgrade from builder’s cans.

Tour Chapter 4

Trying to get back on the tour this week…next up……Ye Olde Dining Room.

Plans for in here might involve removing the chair rail.  It is out of place with the architecture methinks.  No other room in the house has it.  I think the previous owners wanted to trad up this room for coziness.  I wanted to paint it black to hide it, but since I wanted the rest of the trim white, I thought that would look weird too.  I still love the matte black in here, but that rail is GOING.


The rearranging of artwork and the like has had us patching and touch-up painting the walls everywhere.  It’s worth it to have a clean slate to start again.  Ah, the freedom to be fickle, renewed.

I made the latest addition to the dining room wall to brighten things up around here.  I did it ages ago, and finally got it set during Michael’s 40% off framing sale.  Even with the whopping discount, it is obvious I need to learn framing.  A necessary life skill required for my life, me thinks.

Duplos and Ping Pong

Even if you never played Ping Pong, you HAD to want to after seeing Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s table in their latest NYC apartment. BTW, I’ve never called it table tennis and I don’t really see me starting now.

It made the rounds a few months ago as well as in The Selby.  I love the Saarinen bases and can even appreciate the fussy wallpapered top (too busy for me, but it’s perfect for their place.)

The Things got interested in Ping Pong this summer after playing in the rec room where we swim.  The pool is now closed, but why should that mean an end to our fun?

I started looking for ideas to build one outside, but as fab as these are…there are no rearranging options for tons of concrete….

Via Lucky Dragon

Love them, but kinda bulky..

Now these are superb….

Via Flylyf

Via Decorator in a Box

I already have a dining room table, so let’s just make do.  I check online to see that my local Target has this in stock….only to get to the store and realize they don’t…Lies!!!!

The closest sporting goods place was farther than I felt like driving, so it was improvisation time.  I bought only paddles and balls and headed home.

This was a job that only Thing One and Thing Two could help with, so I put them to work.

And then it was PLAYTIME!

We played for 3 hours today….with more scheduled for later….

Sneak Peek

Because I don’t listen to my own advice, I’m pleased to show you another unfinished project… getting to this point was too exciting…long time coming.

I. HAVE. STAIRS. (this is where I do a little dance, not unlike Elaine in Seinfeld)

Once I’ve stained the wood and all that jazz we’ll have a proper before and after, but this is beyond thrilling for me. The hog panels kick ass.

Oh, and I finally sold the 19th century buffet, so Flototto has moved in from the living room at last…big change-ups afoot here.