Duplos and Ping Pong

Even if you never played Ping Pong, you HAD to want to after seeing Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan’s table in their latest NYC apartment. BTW, I’ve never called it table tennis and I don’t really see me starting now.

It made the rounds a few months ago as well as in The Selby.  I love the Saarinen bases and can even appreciate the fussy wallpapered top (too busy for me, but it’s perfect for their place.)

The Things got interested in Ping Pong this summer after playing in the rec room where we swim.  The pool is now closed, but why should that mean an end to our fun?

I started looking for ideas to build one outside, but as fab as these are…there are no rearranging options for tons of concrete….

Via Lucky Dragon

Love them, but kinda bulky..

Now these are superb….

Via Flylyf

Via Decorator in a Box

I already have a dining room table, so let’s just make do.  I check online to see that my local Target has this in stock….only to get to the store and realize they don’t…Lies!!!!

The closest sporting goods place was farther than I felt like driving, so it was improvisation time.  I bought only paddles and balls and headed home.

This was a job that only Thing One and Thing Two could help with, so I put them to work.

And then it was PLAYTIME!

We played for 3 hours today….with more scheduled for later….