(Not) Shi**ng my Pants

big wall

more big wall

So…the wall/s….were looking WAY bigger than the Plan dictated.  I was a bit scared and freaked out, but I’ve been hangin’ with these guys for awhile now and I watch how they work..they seem to get it, know their stuff and best yet..are good communicators.  Inspection time for sourced out jobs is most revealing when the crew have knocked off for the day and there’s still good daylight to see what the day has brought.

The day this wall was built had me a little unnerved, but I knew Rodger was with me…I watched as they shot the laser levels to make sure the grade was within centimeters of the plan…but it just looks SO BIG.  It measured out accurately, but I envisioned the bottom step area more open, more welcoming,  than the previous “rotten wall of go away” Just as I began to worry…I am reassured the following morning…..”all these tall blocks…they’ll be cut down at a sloping angle to act as a handrail to follow code”…and to be less visually intrusive. “Phew..I was a wee bit concerned.” Heh.  Nah..I didn’t need an extra glass of wine last night..I was cool.  Rock on Rodger.

See, I knew these boys were on my team.  It may look bizarre and scary now, but I’m keeping the faith with my dudes.  I’m imagining the final, SMALLER product… rendered in tinted concrete and filled with zen modern plantings…..and in the end…I just want to finally sit under my Sugar Maple without being smack dab in the middle of a termite eaten snake pit.  It’s all good.

eyes on the prize - sugar maple