It’s my bloggiversary, or blog birthday!  I’m still not really believing that it’s been a year since my first meager post of the mailbox.  A recap of the year is here.

I need to thank my friends Jim and Susan, who told me when they first saw the Regal Beagle,  “You need to blog about all this stuff!”

I completely dismissed the idea at first, but they pointed out that I might actually have fun with it…and it could be useful to some readers…even if only themselves!  A few weeks was done. Thanks for the vote of confidence guys!

So what’s cooking for year 2 of ModFruGal?  Anybody’s guess.  The 2010 To Do List has many more entries to come, and there will likely be a LOT more DIY by yours truly since our renovation budget this year is very different from last year’s. There will be better photos (I hope) and it only took me most of the year to realize that, no matter how many plug-ins you try to make them better…galleries suck all the way around.

I have both a Flickr and a Tumblr account I’ve never touched, so maybe that will actually happen….I need to educate myself further on this popular media that likes removing vowels…it’s all a factor of time isn’t it?

This little blog will be getting a smattering of Botox, nothing major, but a little cosmetic update for the new year…I’ll let you know when we’re up, so you can jump out of your reader to check it out.

Well, enjoy a little blast from the past and thanks for reading.

Modern Mailbox