Call of the Wild

Last night, at about 2:30 am, I woke to THAT NOISE.  I’ve heard them many times…it still makes my hair stand on end a little, but the difference this time … they sounded CLOSE.

I’m talking about the pack of Coyotes in the forest. They sounded a bit like this, but a LOT louder/closer and much more agitated.

I couldn’t get back to sleep until almost 5:00 am it freaked me out so much. They have several sounds, and this pack had obviously just made a kill.

Killin’ time is usually when we hear them at night….it gets very frenzied sounding and I don’t seem to be able to get used to it. In the past, they always sounded like they were several ridges over, but last night I could have sworn they were only on the other side of our hill….maybe a couple of hundred yards. Luckily, the Minors slept through that one.

Not cool. Too close.

I was relieved to see both fawns alive and well this morning.