Lottery Picks: Garden Variety

Since I’m obviously pining for spring a bit…

$3500 via V and M

I see this faux bois as my little Snow White set….nestled in the woods in a small clearing with fawns at my feet and birds singing above me…..THINK AGAIN FOOL.

$1500 via 1st Dibs

Just love ’em and hate their price.

$2875 for these nice and groovy NOT Bertoias.

ANOTHER lovely Snow White set… hey, for $11,000, it should rake the leaves of the whole damn forest for me as well…..

Vladamir Kagan Set for $4500 at PS Modern Way….UGH!!!  Oops…I drooled a bit on my keyboard…

Concrete “Drift” bench from Unica…only $17, 265!

Stone lamps FINALLY went on sale…but to $408 each from $611….sigh….

Last, but not latest design obsession… vintage Van Keppel and Green/VKG Chaises.  “Doublewides” as they call them…which is hilarious given the trailer connotation around here.  I’ll live in THIS doublewide any day thank you.

sigh…$1800 for the pair or $9 hundo each…so LOVE these.

For those new to ModFruGal, I’ll post the lottery picks disclaimer…when I win the lottery, I will spend my new wealth on these shallow and meaningless objects only when the aged parents, charitable causes and purchase of an overseas home have all been attended to…c’mon..I’m not a COMPLETE monster.