Jack Frost Action

We had a freakish warm front come in over the weekend, so I spent every moment possible outdoors…mostly sandblasting.  It became apparent that I would not be able to accomplish the painting of the newly blasted furniture before the weekend was up, and the cold was on its way back in.

I needed to paint something since I might not get another warm day like this until mid-March.  I remembered a really OTT pic I’d seen in MSL, also found here …..

When I saw this, all I could think is how great it would have looked if they hadn’t put all that crap on there.  As much as I love my birdies…this was fugly to me…yet I tore it out because I loved the idea of a metallic bonsai.

I didn’t have a faux bonsai, but sadly…I had a dead one.  (BTW, This is why I need to stick to terrariums inside!)   I looked at my recently deceased bonsai and thought, “…well…why not?”  I hadn’t had the heart to throw it out yet.

I started to mask off the pot, but it looked weird, so I just went all the way and gave it the shiny, icy, frosty in a can treatment.

Since I’m far too deep into my spring fever, this can hang out for the week, then it goes to the attic with the other wintry decor.  Maybe I’ll perch a single, tiny bird on it next Christmas.