Living in the Pits

It will come as a complete shock that for our Colorado getaway we rented a house built (and furnished) in the 70’s.  We just can’t leave it at home.

By far the most beloved feature of the house was the sunken living room, or conversation pit if you will.  I must admit, not only was it fab to look at, but amazingly comfortable as we all nearly slept there one night after a long day….crackling fire, comfy nest…it was all we could do to drag ourselves to bed.

I’d love to build one of these in the playroom one day…..

I also thought the Peruvian alpaca rugs on the walls really gave it that 70’s ski cabin finesse.  The geese, not so much, but I actually love the patterns.

These groovy fixtures were all over the house….

The only down side was NO DISHWASHER.  When you are in a remote locale, cooking is a necessity, so that is one update from the 70’s that would have been nice, but hey, it didn’t ruin our time in the least.

It was a bit of a drive to the slopes, but it was worth it for the quiet, peacefulness we enjoyed here.  No town lights means kick-ass stargazing… AMAZING.