While some may call me paranoid (I prefer practical), I didn’t mention I’d be dropping out and unplugging.  Sites like Please Rob Me make the nasty side of social media a bit more obvious, so I heed their warnings…sue me.

We had a really great week of family QT during the Minors’ spring break….we got both Things AND the Crafty Counterpart all up on skis for the first time!

I hadn’t skied in ages, so I was cautious, although you wouldn’t know it from the state of my knees.  Just as well I don’t practice any spirituality that requires kneeling….I’d be a goner in the afterlife. After day 3 of skiing, I went to kneel down to help Thing One lace an ice skate and I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t squat, and I certainly couldn’t kneel..EMBARRASSING!  My knees had swollen and made me look like a big Kewpie doll from the waist down.

Anyway, it was all worth it.  I realized how much I missed the active lifestyle of living in the Colorado Rockies, and it was good to be back…I felt both old and young again all at once.

I’ve got some fun stuff to tell you about the trip, and this week will be our last pottery class so I’ll be updating you on that too.  Oh, and spring came while we were gone!  SO much to do!

On a random side note, we were forced to change our travel plans last minute due to an impending snow storm on both the front range and Denver, so we came down a day early to avoid missing our flight and booked in at the W Aloft by the airport.  I’d never stayed at one, but for $89, I’ll definitely be back. It was so refreshing AND affordable…again…good design doesn’t have to cost a lot, and THANK GOD someone realizes that a simple cotton duvet is all anyone ever needs.  Later polyester quilted naff-ness!  Color me impressed…it IS worth the hype.

Hope everyone had a great week and I’ll catch up with you later…